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Safety Compliance

Each Mining or Construction site will have a compliance checklist that light vehicles must adhere to. Due to the rugged terrain and the use or large scale machinery and earth moving equipment on site, the majority of the requirements are to increase visibility and safety for each vehicle.

Additional Features

With large scale Mining and Construction sites, additional features to meet strict safety standards are often required. The following additional features are available on all Mine Ready Hire Mine spec vehicles depending on your needs.

  • Accident avoidance system
  • Bull bars
  • Time journey system
  • Tracking via mobile devices

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  • Servicing and maintenance requirements
  • After-hours usage reporting
  • Fleet idling
  • Hand brake alarm
  • High rise indicators / Mine lights
  • Flashing beacon
  • Headlights ON feature
  • Falling Object Protection (FOPS)
  • Safety handrails
  • ABS brakes

Further Recommendations – Internal Vehicle Monitoring System

With any small or large scale operation, looking for small efficiencies in specific areas can lead to big improvement across your entire operations. If you’re managing a fleet of Mine spec vehicles, it’s often difficult to determine the usage of your vehicles, how many lay idle vs those being consistently used, why certain maintenance issues keep occurring, the list goes on.

Internal Vehicle Monitoring System provides real-time monitoring on vehicle operations that are invaluable to many large Construction, Mining and Oil and Gas operations. Clients receive instant data on items such as breaches of safety procedure, driving over the speed limit, or failing to wear a seatbelt.

Real-time Data via Internal Vehicle Monitoring System includes:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Distance travelled
  • Seat Belt worn
  • Harsh braking
  • Four-wheel drive engaged on unsealed roads
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle location
  • Battery drain
  • Driver and vehicle identification
  • Time journey
  • Tracking via mobile devices
  • Servicing and maintenance requirements
  • After-hours usage
  • Fleet idling

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